Reduce Distractions and Increasing Privacy


Sound Management Systems (Sound Masking) are used to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and mitigate other distracting sounds with low-level background sound which results in greater productivity and privacy. WTS offers a variety of sound management solutions to enhance the acoustic environment in any type of space. Our sound masking systems enhance privacy and reduce distractions in virtually any space from small offices to large, multi-floor buildings. We are able to integrate paging and music functionality, producing a complete solution for creating better acoustic environments.

Sound Masking/Privacy Systems for spaces such as:

  • Open Office
  • Private Office
  • Call Centers
  • Doctor Offices

Sound Management Solutions

  • Speech privacy that meets HIPAA and GLBA federal mandates
  • Increase Employee productivity
  • Reduce Data Entry Errors
  • Reduce Employee stress, mental fatigue, burn-out

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